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About Citizenship+


Citizenship+ is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization which seeks to promote democratic values and institutions in the developing world using social media.  Citizenship+ recognizes the increasingly important role which new forms of social media play in bringing together individuals and groups to participate in politics and governance.  As such, Citizenship+ projects seek to improve the capacity of citizens to employ social media in support of freedom and democracy in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe.  This approach empowers citizens to take the lead in promoting democracy in their own countries by strengthening civil society, encouraging participatory governance, and enabling the exchange of ideas and best practices.


Citizenship+ has been a pioneer in embracing the critical role of new social media in democratic governance.  New technology enables citizens to connect with one another, exchange ideas, monitor and participate in governance, and organize to advocate shared interests.  This technology can allow civil-society to 1) facilitate the emergence of democratic governments, 2) contribute to the consolidation of democratic values and institutions, and 3) promote responsive politics and governance in established democratic governments.

"In Iran, Moldova, and many other countries, online organizing has been a critical tool for advancing democracy, and enabling citizens to protest suspicious election results. Even in established democracies like the United States, we've seen the power of these tools to change history." Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, 2010


Citizenship+ is a transnational non-governmental organization (TNGO) which encourages freedom and democracy in the developing world.  Citizenship+ was founded in 2008 in response to the growing importance of social media in politics and governance, and has been a leading advocate of the critical role that new social media can play in enabling democratization.  Headquartered in the Maxwell School of Citizenship at Syracuse University, Citizenship+ has formed partnerships with organizations around the world, ranging from other NGOs like “Democracy Now!” to government agencies like Turkmenistan’s National Academy of Science.  Citizenship+ currently has projects in Kazakhstan, Iraq, Syria, and Turkmenistan.

Past Projects

For a description of past projects: Click Here

More Information

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Additional Links

Secretary of State Remarks on Internet Freedom and Technology


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Nejwa Ali
Merav Ceren
Ellis Cortez
Adam Cyr
Elisabeth Ijmker
Joanna Kitts
Younok Ou
Carmel Rabin
Abigail Reese
Geunho Ryu
Julia Schulteis
Julia Watson


President and CEO
Julia Schulteis. Top executive and decision-maker, in charge of total management.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Younok Ou. In charge of budgets, financial planning, and record-keeping.

Chief Operations Officer (COO) Guenho Ryu.
Responsible for the overseeing the operation of the organization.  Assists and reports to CEO.

Chief Legal Officer (CLO) Abigail Reese. Responsible for compliance with government regulations and risk management.


Director of Public Affairs and Communications Adam Cyr. Manages the organization’s internal and external communications, manages public relations.  

Director of Program Development Merav Ceren. Responsible for developing programs to fulfill organization’s mission.


Regional Director Eastern Europe Elisabeth Ijmker.  In charge of Citizenship+ East European division, oversees regional programs.  Program directors report to their regional director, regional directors report to COO.

Regional Director: MCSTG & MTCD Middle East Nejwa Ali. Directs Citizenship+ programs in the Middle East and partnerships with Middle East media. Works closely with the Chief of Party and Citizenship+'s management team in Washington.

Chief of Party (COP) Middle East Carmel Rabin.  Manages Citizenship+'s programs in the Middle East with a primary focus on providing technical support to local media and ensuring the successful completion of project activities.


Communications Director Julia Watson. 
Creates Citizenship+'s communication strategy and content.

Press Officer/Spokesperson Joanna Kitts.  The point of contact for local and international media.

Democracy Now!

Democracy Now! is an NGO based at
Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands. It is funded by the Nederlands Instituut voor Meerpartijendemocrati, an assistance organization in the Netherlands for promoting political parties in young democracies.

Democracy Now! is currently working with political parties from 21 programme countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe, and it supports joint initiatives by parties to improve the democratic system in their country; the institutional development of political parties; and efforts to improve relations between political parties, civil society and the media.


In several of the countries where Democracy Now! operates, political parties have established Centres for Multiparty Democracy (CMDs). These centres provide a neutral setting where political adversaries have the opportunity to discuss how they can work together to strengthen democracy.


Democracy Now! encourages political parties to organise exchanges with counterparts from neighbouring countries. In these regional programmes, democratic politicians from various countries convene in order to learn from each other, share experiences and help others promote democratic reforms.

Expertise of Political Practitioners

Founded in 2000, Democracy Now! draws on the expertise of political practitioners in its programmes.


1. President, Stijn van den Enden, Labor Party (PvdA)

2. Director of Operations,  Max Laven, Liberal Party (VVD)

3. Director for Operations in Eastern Europe, Niek Kok,  Christian Democratic Party (CDA)

Treasurer, Stefan Vermaat, Labor Party (PvdA)

5. Liaison with Parliament Philip Drent, Liberal Party (VVD)

6. Director for Projects Involving Social Media, Erik van Oosterhout, Christian Democratic Party (CDA)

Academic Coordinator: Dr. Bertjan Verbeek

Dress Code

Business attire.

This is a fictitious simulation exercise that has been developed for educational purposes. 

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